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Training Awareness

With the ever-increasing implementation of fibre optic and photonic technology on commercial, military and space platforms plus business jets and new generation military vehicles and harsh environmental areas, there is a growing requirement to provide training and awareness for personnel involved in the support of the technology.

As more fibre optic technology is deployed there is an ever-growing requirement for in-service support and maintenance. One critical area for any fibre optic installation is maintaining the optimum performance of the optical link, achieved by implementation of inspection, evaluation and cleaning of the fibre optic interconnects and terminus interfaces.

As well as supplying high quality video inspection equipment and fibre optic cleaning supplies Fibreknight Limited can provide technical support in a number of areas including:

  • Advice on the selection of video inspection equipment and supporting components
  • Training on the use of fibre optic cleaning products and video inspection equipment
  • Aftersales technical support
  • Advice on the development of inspection, evaluation and cleaning processes
  • Consultancy services for in-service technical enquiries and customer support

Awareness of the technology is not limited to hand’s on technicians but also encompasses workers operating in the vicinity of fibre optic installations, technical managers, even procurement.

Fibreknight Limited is working with LUCID Optical Services providing a specialised Fibre Optics in Aerospace awareness course

The course syllabus has been prepared in line with ARINC 807 ‘Fibre Optic Training’ and SAE ASD Aerospace Recommended Practice ARP5602 ‘Guideline for Aerospace Platform Fiber Optic Training and Awareness Education Introduction to Aerospace Fiber Optics’

For more information on aerospace fibre optic training and awareness development do not hesitate to contact us.

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