US CONEC IBC™ 7104 Brand Cleaner MPO II (NSN 5120-01-660-8574)




National Stock Number: 5120-01-660-8574

IBC™ 7104 Brand Cleaner MPO II
Cleans MTP® and generic MPO connectors, multimode (flat) and singlemode (8° angled) MT ferrules

The US Conec IBC™ 7104 MPO II mechanical cleaning tool is are designed for cleaning the fibre arrays on multi-fibre termini. These tools are capable of cleaning MT based connector systems loaded in a bulkhead adapter, on the card edge, backplane or unmated cable assemblies.

IBC™ Brand Cleaner 7104 MPO II clean both female (no guide pin) and male (with steel guide pins) termini with either flat polished multimode or 8° angled polish singlemode MT ferrules.


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