MCC-CCWRC Cassette CleanWipes™ End Face Cleaner


MCC-CCWRC Cassette CleanClicker™ End Face Cleaner

  • Manual advancement of cleaning ribbon gives operator more control and increased efficiency
  • Open cleaning window with electrostatic dissipative boarder for cleaning multiple connector end faces
  • Microwoven fabric cleaning ribbon for high performance cleaning
  • Clear side housing for viewing remaining ribbon


Cleans SC and LC duplex, ST, FC, E2000, and female (no guide pin) MT (MPO) ferrule cable assemblies

• Micro-woven cleaning ribbon provides high absorbency while trapping dust particles
• Lint-free cleaning ribbon
• Manual advance cleaning wheel enables operator to get more cleaning than traditional shutter and trigger-style cassette cleaners
• Disposable cassette cleaner with main body made from anti-static materials
• Compact size for easy handling

Sticklers Cassette CleanClicker Conforms to the Following Fibre Optic Industry Standards

ANSI/TIA 455-240 2009 Fibre Optic Connector End-Face Cleaning Evaluation
ANSI/TIA 568.3D-2016 E.3.5 Connector End-Face Cleaning
ARINC 805-4 Fibre Optic Test Procedures
ARINC 806-5 Fibre Optic Installation & Maintenance
AT&T ATT-TP-76461 Inspecting & Cleaning End-Faces
Cisco Systems Doc: 51837 Inspecting & Cleaning Procedures for Fibre Connectors
IBM SY27-2597-15 Cleaning End-Faces for Maintaining Fibre Links
IEC 61300-3-35 5.3 End-Face Cleaning
IEC 61627-1 9.3 Procedure Cleaning w/ Reel Type Cleaners
IEC 62627-1 7.2 Acceptable Reel Type Cleaners
IPC 8497-1 7.3.2 Dry Wipes and Cassette End-Face Cleaning
IPC 8497-1 10 Minimizing Electrostatic Charge Eect
NASA-STD 8739.5A 8 Cleaning Workmanship Standards
SAE AIR6031 End-Face Cleaning
SAE ARP 6283 8.4 Approved Cleaning Equipment
SAE ARP 6283 9.1.1 Wet-Dry Cassette Cleaning
Telcordia GR2923 CORE Issue 2 End-Face Cleaning
Verizon VZ.TRP.9461 5.0 End-Face Cleaning


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