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MCC-CCWMT Cassette CleanClicker™


Disposable MCC-CCWMT cassette CleanClicker™ with main body made from anti-static materials and lint free, micro-woven cleaning tape. Manual advance cleaning wheel enables operator to get more cleaning than traditional shutter and trigger-style cassette cleaners in a compact size for easy handling,

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Designed to facilitate optimum cleaning of multiple types of male MT ferrules with guide pins, the MCC-CCWMT Cassette Cleanclicker™ product features include:

  • Cleans male MT ferrules with guide pins
  • Micro-woven cleaning ribbon provided high absorbency whilst trapping dust particles
  • Lint free cleaning ribbon
  • Manual advance cleaning wheel enables operator to achieve more cleaning than with traditional shutter and trigger style cassette cleaners
  • Compact size for easy handling

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