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Lightel VC-8200 Video Inspection Microscope & Adaptors for APC Termini


MCC-CCU125 CleanClicker™ 1.25mm Connector Cleaner




MCC-CCU125 1.25mm CleanClickers™ connector cleaner providing click-to-clean for 1.25mm fibre optic ferrules




Sticklers® CleanClicker™ 1.25mm Refillable Fibre Optic Connector Cleaner

  • 750+ cleans & refillable – for lower costs per clean
  • Cleans dust, particles and oil contaminations
  • Fast click-to-clean for 1.25mm fibre optic ferrules
  • Use with Sticklers® Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner (MCC-POC03M) to optimum cleaning results
  • Colour coded labels and packaging minimise user error and speed cleaning

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