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Lightel VC-8200 Video Inspection Microscope & Adaptors for APC Termini


Lightel VC-8200/OPM Video Inspection Microscope with Integral VC-8 Optical Power Meter and Pass/Fail Software to IEC61300-3-35




VC-8200 Connector Portable Video Microscope and Cleaner System with integral VC-8 optical power meter and Pass / Fail Inspection Software to IEC61300-3-35

The ViewConn® Pro (VC-8200) is an integrated system for fibre optic terminus inspection, evaluation, documentation and cleaning. With built in Optical Power Meter and Wi-Fi the ViewConn Pro can send its Pass/Fail analysis reports via email to other locations or store them directly within the unit. The dual microscopes allow rapid inspection of both male and female connectors without changing tips. The new auto-centre feature allows faster terminus endface location and analysis with the probe.

Designed for ease of use in the field, the 5” (12.7 cm) display provides clear, sharp images, and the large touchscreen buttons provide all the necessary controls for image capture and analysis. The pre-installed ConnectorView™ Plus software requires no calibration and provides its analysis reports in seconds.

The perfect solution for FTTA/FTTP installations, providing the user with the ability to record, and print terminus end face quality data reports prior to the final connection, providing detailed information for any future troubleshooting or auditing.


  • Two microscopes (built-in and handheld DI-1000 digital probe) enabling rapid inspection of patch cords and in bulkhead adaptors.
  • Inspect and clean patch cords with one unit.
  • A large 5” touchscreen display.
  • ConnectorView Plus Pass/Fail analysis software to IEC61300-3-35
  • Store analysis and summary reports.
  • Send Pass/Fail analysis reports via WiFi
  • Replaceable cleaning cassette attached.
  • Ruggedised cover.
  • AC or rechargeable AA battery operation for use in any location.

VC8-OPM Optical Power Meter

The VC8-OPM integral power meter makes the ViewConn a true three-in-one device. Users can inspect, clean and test with one field-ready handheld unit.

Powered by the ViewConn’s batteries it is easy to change from terminus inspection to power measurement at the flip of a switch. The ViewConn’s large 3.5 inch display makes viewing and reading easy in any light condition.

The VC8-OPM can store 999 power readings and later download them to a PC via USB2.0


  • Detector Type:                                  InGaAs
  • Calibrated Wavelength:                  850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 (nm)
  • Power Range: (dBm)                        -60 ~ +10
  • Resolution: (dB)                                0.01 (0.1dB when < -55dBm)
  • Uncertainty:                                      ±5%
  • Tone Detection:                                (Hz) 270, 1k, 2k (for 850nm, power within –25 ~ 10dBm, for all other WL, power within –35 ~ 10dBm)
  • Display Type:                                     mW / dBm / dB(REF)
  • Operating Temperature: (°C)        -10 ~ +50
  • Storage Temperature: (°C)             -20 ~ + 70
  • Humidity: (non-condensing)          0 ~ 90 %

Each VC-8200-OPM kit comes complete with:

  • ViewConn Pro touchscreen device with a CleanConn (CC-1 cleaner module) mounted
  • DI-1000L digital probe
  • ConnectorView Plus (TS) Pass/Fail software (installed)
  • VC8-OPM Integrated Optical Power Meter
  • VC62-2.5/PC tip
  • VC62-1.25/PC tip
  • VC62-SC/APC tip
  • VC6-OPM-SC tip
  • PT2-FS/PC/F tip
  • PT2-LC/PC/F tip
  • PT2-SC/APC/F tip
  • PT2-U2.5/APC/M tip
  • AC battery charger/adapter
  • Li-ion battery (installed)
  • Ruggedized cover
  • Neck strap
  • Wrist strap
  • Spare CC-1 module
  • User’s manual (pdf on USB)
  • Carrying case

A wide variety of additional tips, both PC and APC, are available upon request.

Comes with a one year manufacturers warranty


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