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Lightel VC-8200 Video Inspection Microscope & Adaptors for APC Termini


Lightel DI-1000MPO+/APC Video Inspection Microscope


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With the ever-increasing use of MTP®/MPO connectors. LIGHTEL now offers the DI-1000MPO to facilitate the endface inspection of 12 to 48 channel MTP/MPO connectors. No additional MTP/MPO tips are necessary. The DI-1000MPO incorporates the same features and uses the same single fibre tips and accessories as the popular DI-1000, but adds additional X- and Y-direction scanning knobs. This allows the user to manually scan in both the X and Y directions with one hand, providing unprecedented control and increasing the efficiency of inspecting the end faces of both MTP/MPO and single fibre connectors.


DI-1000MPO+ (1) USB2.0 digital inspector scanning probe
PT2-MTP/APC-T (1) Series 2 front end for female MTP/MPO APC connectors
ADAPTER/MTP (1) Standard MTP adapter for male MTP/MPO connectors
PT2-SF/ADAPT (1) Series 2 adapter for single fibre connectors
PT2-U2.5/APC/M (1) Series 2 universal tip for male 2.5mm APC connectors
PT2-FS/APC/F (1) Series 2 tip for female FC and SC APC connectors
DI1-CASE-S (1) Soft carrying case
CVF-CD (1) ConnectorView (standard) software CD and manual


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