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With experience gained from over 45 years in the commercial and military aerospace industry, including 20+ years involvement in aerospace fibre optics technology research, development and support of aerospace fibre optic installations and systems, Fibreknight Limited has the competency to provide clients with a wide range of capabilities including, system design requirements, identification of aerospace approved components and integration of fibre optic components and technologies.

With an in-depth knowledge of aerospace standardisation bodies both in Europe and the USA, Fibreknight Limited is actively involved in UK, European and United States aerospace fibre optic committees and task groups in the development of standards designed to support the needs of the aerospace industry.

Fibreknight Limited has been actively involved in the development of installation requirements and techniques for fibre optic components and systems both in the commercial and military aerospace industry being directly involved in developing the Air Publication (AP)101A-0006-1 Aircraft Fibre Optics Standards and Practices for the Ministry of Defence.

Additionally, Fibreknight Limited has been part of the team at the forefront in the development of inspection, evaluation and cleaning techniques for aerospace fibre optic interconnects, and in the development of the SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice ARP6283, In-Service Inspection, Evaluation & Cleaning, Best Practices series of documents

Fibreknight Limited can provide clients with on-site awareness development specifically aimed at providing a technology overview to parties involved in all aspects of implementation of fibre optic technology and to provide technical support in fibre optic inspection, evaluation and cleaning of fibre optic components to achieve optimum system performance.

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