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Can Sticklers® fibre optic cleaning products provide me with the best cleaning solution?

The simple answer is YES!

The full range of Sticklers® products have been developed specifically to achieve exceptional cleaning capabilities for fibre optic termini and optical interconnects. Each product has been fully tested and trialled to provide the operator with the ability to achieve optimum cleaning of fibre optic termini and interconnects every time.

Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner  

    sticklers splice and connector cleaner

Sticklers® Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner (MCC-POC03M) is the only optical-grade cleaning fluid on the market specifically engineered for fast, reliable and low-cost cleaning of fibre optic termini, alignment sleeves, receptacles and fibre. Used with Sticklers® CleanStixx™ and CleanWipes™, it provides a wet/dry cleaning system for optimum cleaning results. Other features include –

Dissipates Static

Sticklers® Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner dissipates any accumulated static present on the terminus end face allowing complete removal of particulate, dust and lint. More importantly, the dissipative property assures that a static charge will not be left on the terminus which would re-attract airborne particulates.

Safe to use on numerous materials

Sticklers® Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner is safe to use on silica core fibre, plastic optical fibre, connectors, plastic, glass, ceramics, metals, adhesives, epoxies and most optical coatings. It can also be used on lenses, mirrors, gratings, prisms and displays.

Hermetically-Sealed Packaging

Sticklers® Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner comes in a handy, hermetically sealed unpressurised canister. The canister won’t leak or spill and features the patented orange Triton™ dispensing cap, providing the capability to spray the liquid, dampen a Sticklers® CleanStixx™ swab or wet a Sticklers® CleanWipe™, all from one easy-to-use, spill-proof package. Each time the canister is pumped, it applies just enough liquid to do the job so it is not wasteful like aerosols or solvent pooling dispensers. Each canister contains 85g of cleaning fluid, providing over 400 cleans per canister.

Sticklers® Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner is non-flammable and REACH, ELINC, RoHS and WEE compliant. The spill-proof canister is “TravelSAFE™”  meaning that the non-flammable liquid can be shipped safely, even by air, and is not subject to Transportation of Dangerous Goods  regulations.


Sticklers® CleanStixx™


Sticklers® CleanStixx™ are available in five different sizes and feature a high-purity, fibrous polymer tip, instead of cloth or foam which can leave residues. The tip is moulded to a precise size so it spins off-centre during cleaning and cleans the entire end-face, not just the contact area (figure 1). This improves cleaning results, even on the smallest end-faces leaving the terminus end face clean and residue free. Each of the different sized Sticklers® CleanStixx™ have been designed to clean a specific sized fibre optic terminus from 1.25mm up to sizes larger than 2.5mm for connectors such as Biconic and MT. The MCC-P25 CleanStixx™ is designed to clean all sizes of exposed fibre optic termini, with each of the other four sizes designed to clean the terminus end face in a recessed connector cavity, eliminating the need to remove any alignment sleeve assemblies prior to cleaning.

 CleanStixx tipsThe off-centre cleaning also ensures that any residual cleaning solution or contaminant is removed from surrounding edges where the terminus meets the alignment sleeve assembly (figure 2). Additionally, the tip flexes, so only Sticklers® CleanStixx™ are capable of fully cleaning APC termini.

Sticklers® CleanStixx™ are available in five sizes, and can clean any fibre optic connector, any size, any configuration, every time.

Sticklers® CleanWipes™

Available in a range of packaging for differing requirements and uses;

CleanWipes™ 90 (MCC-WFW)

Sticklers Wipes

Sticklers® CleanWipes™ are made from a soft, clean, polyester fabric. The material does not contain any glues, bleach or cellulose and is very strong, resisting shredding and tearing, even on small diameter termini e.g. LC. With excellent absorbency, Sticklers® CleanWipes™ lift away fingerprint oils, grime, dust, polishing media and lint, particularly when using the wet/dry cleaning process. Because Sticklers® CleanWipes™ 90 are cleaner than traditional wipes, they also are ideal for cleaning bare fibre, fibre optic termini end-faces, plus lenses, mirrors, diffraction gratings, prisms and test equipment.

Packaging is rugged and spill-proof, and each roll of wipes is protected with a plastic over-wrap. This keeps fingerprints, dust and moisture off the Sticklers® CleanWipes™ without the hassles of more expensive packaging options. The unique “Drop-n-Stop™” packaging — the octagonal top — keeps the mini-tub from rolling when dropped, and the small package makes them handy both on a benchtop or out for placement in kits.

CleanWipes™ 400 (MCC-WCS100)


The CleanWipes™ 400 cleaning device is a convenient, transportable fibre optic cleaning tool containing an exclusive, static-dissipative, high-modulus fabric that will not tear or shred even when cleaning small diameter termini such as the LC. This highly absorbent material is very soft and will not scratch end-faces. Its unique Design allows high-speed cleaning of fibre optic jumpers and patch cords enabling technicians to clean fibre optic end-faces at the lowest possible cost-per-clean.

The CleanWipes™ 400 utilises a four colour coded CleanSlots™ device. This innovative design eliminates the chance of cleaning on already used sections of the wipe, and minimises fingertip contamination of the wipes. This design offers a huge improvement in the cleaning results and potential will result in enormous cost-savings to network operators.

The system can be used as a stand-alone tool or flat on the benchtop, whichever is more convenient and delivers more than 400 perfect cleanings in each box.

Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ 3200 (MCC-WCS800)

Sticklers Benchtop CleanWipes 3200The Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ 3200 cleaning system is a benchtop fibre optic cleaning tool designed for high-volume, high-speed manufacturing of fibre optic jumpers and patch cords. It enables technicians to produce perfectly clean end-faces at the lowest possible cost. Using the same exclusive, static-dissipative, high-modulus fabric as that of the Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ 400 the Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ 3200 cleaning system is designed as a benchtop fibre optic cleaning tool for high-volume, high-speed manufacturing of fibre optic jumpers and patch cords.

It utilises the four colour coded CleanSlots™ device, eliminating the chance of cleaning on already used sections of the wipe, and minimising fingertip contamination of the wipes.

Each cleaning tool delivers more than 3,200 perfect cleanings in each box.

As shown in the image on the left, the system is normally used on a benchtop. However, the Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ 3200 also can be used upside-down, with the CleanSlot™ tracks on top of the bench as shown in the image on the right. This lowers the height of the CleanSlot™ tracks making it easier if used on taller benches, without detracting from the cleaning capability of the product.


Outdoor CleanWipe™ (MCC-FA1)

FA1Hermetically-sealed packaging for fast and reliable use the Outdoor CleanWipe™ is designed for use in harsh environments where the possibility of cross contaminating the other types of Outdoor CleanWipe™ are increased e.g. a flightline or offshore oil/gas rig. Each sealed package includes a fixed piece of dry (no solvent included in the package) field-proven, lint-free, cellulose free polyester fabric that resists linting and tearing, even on small diameter termini such as the LC. Each wipe can clean up to six connector end-faces.

The foil package protects the wipe and prevents any secondary contamination of the wipe occurring until ready for use. Use with the Sticklers® Fibre Optic Splice and Connector Cleaner to provide a wet/dry cleaning process actually at the work face. Each package also has a convenient “button-hole” so the wipes can be attached to a ring for ease of handling and be ready for use

Flat CleanWipe™ (MCC-WF44)

Also available are loose packs of lint free material 4”x4” (100mm x 100mm) in size for general fibre optic cleaning use. Available in packs of 50.