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Lightel Prices 2018

Now for the good news!!!!! Because of the improved USD to GBP exchange rates we have been able to reduce our prices for the full range of Lightel video inspection probes and adaptors. Contact us for latest prices…

Sticklers 2018 Price Increases

Sadly, due to the continuing poor GBP to Euro exchange rate we are unable to continue to absorb costs. Therefore, we have had to review and update our pricing for the range of Sticklers product range for 2018. Please be assured that we continually monitor the exchange rates and once we have amore stable, improved […]


Fibreknight is happy to announce two new services. Consultancy Services. With over 20 years experience in the use of fibre optic technology in aerospace and harsh environment applications, and developing technical standards for use in the aerospace industry Fibreknight is happy to offer its services to customers on; Inspection, evaluation and cleaning of fibre optic […]

The Importance of Fiber Optic Cleaning

Always clean fiber optic connectors and optical ports before connection and testing. Keeping fiber optic end-faces clean is extremely important and one of the most critical requirements for ensuring accurate measurements and operation. Damaged or contaminated end-faces have a direct impact on optical performance.

What Sticklers® fibre optic cleaning products do I need to clean my termini?

The Sticklers® product range has been developed to enable cleaning of all current designs of fibre optic termini, from 1.25mm 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm ferrules to Biconic and MT termini in a wide range of connector formats. In addition the Sticklers® MCC-S type CleanStixx™  are have been specifically developed to be extremely effective at cleaning […]

What are the best methods for cleaning fibre optic termini?

Aerospace and industry experts have worked together for a number of years to identify the best solution for fibre optic cleaning. As a result they are both agreed that optimum cleaning of fibre optic terminus end faces is best achieved using a ‘wet/‘dry’ cleaning process. What does this mean? A number of elements affect cleanliness […]

Can Sticklers® Provide me with the Best Cleaning Solution?

Can Sticklers® fibre optic cleaning products provide me with the best cleaning solution? The simple answer is YES! The full range of Sticklers® products have been developed specifically to achieve exceptional cleaning capabilities for fibre optic termini and optical interconnects. Each product has been fully tested and trialled to provide the operator with the ability […]